Are Blue Lacy Dogs Good Family Dogs?

What Is A Blue Lacy Dog?

The Blue Lacy, also called the Lacy Dog, is an energetic, trainabe and intelligent breed that loves having a job to do and a lot of free space to run around.

Even though the breed has “Blue” in its name, Blue Lacys can also have red or tri-colored coats; nonetheless, they all carry the blue color gene. The “Lacy” in the breed’s name does not refer to the dog’s appearance at all, but rather derives from the name of the family who first founded the breed.

One notable fact about the breed is that they can be very skittish around people they do not know; however, once the Lacy knows you, she will gladly accept you as part of the family.

How Does Blue Lacy Look Like?

Blue Lacy dogs are medium-sized dogs. Their coat is very short, smooth and tight. An excessively long or rough coat is a disqualification.

The Lacy dog has a keen sense of smell and an excellent sense of hearing; she also has good vision and agility, which makes her ideal for hunting and herding livestock (because they can leap fences easily).

Most blue lacy dogs are solid blue in color. The grey is a common pattern. Red- and tri-colored colored Lacy dogs are not allowed. If a dog is genetically unable to produce the blue coat color then it will instead have a black coat.

What colors do blue lacy come in?

Though they are generally termed “blue” Lacys, there are three permitted color variants of the Lacy. “Blues” are any shade of gray from bright silver to black charcoal. “Reds” range from light cream to rust. The “Tri” mixes a blue background with distinct red markings as required for trim, and white which may emerge on the brisket and span from chin to groin.

White may also be seen on one or more paws. Excessive white is discouraged, and markings on the face or above mid-line are a disqualifying fault. Their eyes are acute and attentive, varying in color from bright yellow to rich amber.

What Was Blue Lacy Bred For?

Blue Lacy dogs were bred to be working dogs and were used for hunting, and ranch work. They can be very good at both herding livestock, and tracking game. This breed is often used for therapy, search and rescue, and drug detection due to their high intelligence.

The Lacy dogs can easily adapt to different environments and are able to adjust to new situations fairly quickly.

How are blue lacy different from the greyhound or the bloodhound, and what separates them from other breeds?

The Lacy is a unique breed that has been bred for centuries for its keen sense of smell. The Lacy dog can smell long distances, can be trained to track and follow a scent trail, and is a very loyal, loving companion.

The breed is capable of great endurance, stamina, strength and stamina out in the field with no problem. Their ability to run in excess of 40 mph makes them a good hunting companion. The Blue Lacy dogs are fairly intelligent, and they learn things very quickly.

What Is Blue Lacy History?

The Blue Lacy dog was bred in the 1880’s by a family named the Lacy’s, who lived in Burnet County Texas and owned a ranch there.

In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, the Lacy ranch was under the management of William H. Westfall and Nimrod L. Norton. It was through these men that the blue lacy it is now known today was developed and bred.

Mr. Westfall had many varied breeds of dogs at his ranch, some of which were included in this breed that has been associated with him and his family.

Mr. Westfall and Mr. Norton bred the blue lacy dog with a group of hounds that they owned, which were a blend of the blood hound, a scent hound named the July Hound, and other breeds.

The Lacy family that lived on this ranch also had bloodhounds in their kennels; thus, it is assumed that some of the bloodhound was also included in their breeding programs.

How Big Is A Blue Lacy Dog?

Blue Lacy shoulder height ranges from 17 to 25 inches on average. Males are typically larger than females and weigh between 35 and 55 pounds, whereas females weigh between 25 and 45 pounds on average. Additionally, individuals of the breed may be larger or smaller.

How Much Do Blue Lacy Dogs Cost?

Blue Lacy dogs can cost anywhere from $250 to $1800 depending on the breeder, age and previous health of the parent dogs and whether you are able to adopt a rescue dog. Some breeders charge more for their dogs based on the desirability of the coat color.

Although Blue Lacy dogs are an expensive breed, there is a great variety of color and coat length choices for the dog.

You can also find a mixture of blue, red and tri-colored Blue Lacys. It is possible to find black colored trim on these dogs.

The price varies greatly depending on the breeder you choose, but you will get a healthy dog that has been well cared for and been given a responsible place in the family with all of its shots up to date, health certificate, and veterinary records.

How Long Does Blue Lacy Dogs Live?

Blue Lacys can have a lifespan of anywhere between 12 and 16 years but they do require regular exercise and a healthy diet in order to stay healthy.

The Lacy dogs need at least 1 hour of exercise a day. The breed is prone to health problems that can be hereditary and may also be related to its environment.

What Is The Personality Of A Blue Lacy Dog?

The mix of intelligence and strong energy that make up the Blue Lacy dog breed’s mentality can either drive them to be well-trained working dogs or destructive forces of nature depending on how much mental and physical stimulation they get.

Blue Lacys cannot stay caged up for long, and when they get bored, they’ll make their own fun in whatever manner they would wish, even if it means gnawing or digging in things they aren’t supposed to. They will need long runs each day, and perhaps more workout.

Instruction goes a long way, and Blue Lacys respond to stern, positive training quite well, however they are sensitive and will not respond well to scolding or reprimand. Training is a necessity for Blue Lacys, and socialization must begin early to combat their innate prey drive and territorial disposition.

If they are not socialized early, Blue Lacys can be quiet and reserved to strangers and outright violent to other pets and animals. They are, however, incredibly friendly and protective toward their families, including children, and you’d have a difficult time finding a better watchdog.

Because they were designed to help hunt and tree small wildlife, they do have a tendency to bark, and it might take a long to persuade them to calm down once they get going. They should not be left alone for long periods of time.

When properly exercised and trained, the Blue Lacy makes a superb family friend that is very devoted and loving. They do best when they have a profession where they can utilize their physical and mental energy. When they have something to do that gives them with a suitable challenge, Blue Lacys are quiet, lovely members of the household.

Do Blue Lacy Dogs Shed?

Blue Lacys shed moderately, but still have a low shed rate. They shed twice a year, during their seasonal shedding and again when they are ready to retire, in the spring and fall.

Are Blue Lacy Hypoallergenic?

The Blue Lacy requires less maintenance due to its short, close-fitting coat. They require minimal brushing and are extremely low maintenance. However, they shed and are not a hypoallergenic breed.


Are Blue Lacy Dogs Aggressive?

The Blue Lacy dogs are known for their great temperaments and gentle dispositions, despite their size and limited exercise. However, they are still dogs and do have a tendency to be territorial and protective of their territory.

Whether Blue lacy dogs are aggressive or not depends on a number of factors, including the individual dog’s personality, socialization, and training. In general, however, Blue lacy dogs are not considered to be aggressive.

Are Blue Lacy Dogs Good Family Dogs?

Blue lacys are certainly family pets. These dogs will get along with your family quite well. Additionally, they are good with kids. Therefore, the Blue Lacy is a good family dog.

Are Blue Lacy Dogs Good With Other Pets?

The Blue Lacy is not an aggressive breed and tends to be quite friendly. The Blue Lacy tends to be extremely protective of their owners and family, even if they are not socialized at an early age.

They are fine with other pets if they were raised together and respond well to early socialization. Although, some Blue Lacy dogs do have a high prey drive and may want to chase small animals.


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