Is A Bohemian Shepherd Easy To Train?

What Is A Bohemian Shepherd?

A Bohemian is simply a sheep dog. The word “Bohemian” comes from the name of the Czech region of Bohemia, where these dogs are bred and trained.

These dogs are herding dogs and powerful farm guard dogs, they will herd sheep, cattle, and other livestock to keep back intruders.

A Bohemian is not a purebred unless he originated from here in the Czech Republic! Sadly, many new breeders have tried to make money off of a sound line of work that has been here for centuries.

Where Do Bohemian Shepherds Come From?

The Bohemian Shepherd dog is an indigenous dog, born and bred in the Czech Republic. It is the oldest herding breed in this area, first introduced by Slavic tribes and then kept alive for centuries by their descendants–the Chod or Chodske (Chodsky) people of Bohemia.

This region is known today as the Sumava, which borders Germany and Austria. The most famous Bohemian Shepherd of all time was a dog named Šumava (English: Sumava). Šumava saved the life of his master, a shepherd named George Tauchen, from a tiger in the Sumava mountain range.

How Big Are Bohemian Shepherds?

The Bohemian Shepherd dog is medium-sized. The body size range from 19 to 22 inches at the withers, and weigh 35 to 60 pounds.

The Bohemian Shepherd is a dog that combines power with agility. They are fast and can run for long distances, even on mountainsides.

What Makes Them Unique?

The Bohemian Shepherd is one of the most commonly used breeds in herding countries around Europe and America. It has a very powerful drive to work, which it gets from its job as a guard dog for centuries before it came under the care of dog fanciers.

What Does A Bohemian Shepherd Look Like?

Bohemian Shepherds have a rectangular body and are well proportioned. They weigh in the range of 35-60 pounds. Bohems can be black with some brown on the muzzle, light gray; white with black ears, black or tan markings, or any mixture of these colors.

Their double coat consists of a soft undercoat and an outer coarse hair that is usually interspersed with longer guard hairs.

What Does A Bohemian Shepherd Do All Day?

A Bohemian Shepherd is mainly a working dog. Their job is to herd, guard and protect sheep, cattle and other livestock. They have been known to be used as rescue dogs and search-and-rescue dogs.

In the Czech Republic, a Bohems’ main job is to guard his master’s home and property. They are also often used as a walking dog for young children.

How Do You Train A Bohemian Shepherd?

The training of a Bohemian Shepherd must include a basic obedience class in addition to herding. Since they are strong and powerful, they are trained with firmness and consistency.

At three months, they begin puppy school and by one year old should be finished with their obedience classes. The most effective way to train a Bohems is through positive reinforcement techniques such as praise, food rewards, petting, play and rubs.

How Do Bohemian Shepherds Behave?

The Bohemian Shepherd is highly intelligent, quick to learn, and very agile. This dog adapts well to different environments and can be good with children and other domestic animals despite its powerful guardian instincts.

How Much Does A Bohemian Shepherd Cost?

The price of a dog will vary depending on the breeder, the sex of the dog and whether or not it is registered, and its bloodline, age, health, temperament, etc. You can pay about $2000 for a well-bred Bohemian Shepherd.

Do Bohemian Shepherds Shed?

Bohemians do shed averagely seasonally. Bohemian Shepherds have a heavy double coat of long, thick fur. A thick undercoat helps to protect them from harsh weather conditions.

The hair of the coat is either straight, wavy, or slightly curly. The color is usually black or red with a black mask. A Bohemian Shepherd may also be solid white or solid black with or without the mask.The hair on its face and ears should be slightly longer to protect them from sun, injuries, or insects.

The dog needs to be brushed once a week to prevent the fur from tangling or matting. The eye-lashes can also tangle in the coat and may need extra care as well as the dog’s nails. Like many other breeds with long, heavy coats, a Bohemian Shepherd will shed throughout the year.

Are Bohemian Shepherds Aggressive?

The Bohemian Shepherd is not known to show aggression, it is one of the most friendly breeds and gets along well with everybody.

They are very friendly towards humans, including children and other animals.

If a Bohemian Shepherd is naturally aggressive, it is unlikely to pass on aggression because they are stable and highly intelligent dogs (usually smarter than their owner).

A dog that shows aggression will have other health issues or psychological problems. If a dog has a healthy mind, it will have a healthy body that cannot show aggression.

A lack of socialization or training is the main cause of aggression in dogs. If a dog is not properly socialized, they will be fearful and anxious, which may lead to barking or biting. Also, if a dog is not trained to obey commands, they may become stressed when left alone and may act out in destructive ways.

Is A Bohemian Shepherd Easy To Train?

The Bohemian Shepherd is an intelligent dog that does well with obedience training, provided you remain calm and patient.

Training a Bohemian Shepherd to obey commands is similar to training any other dog.

Training should be started at an early age so that the dog understands from the beginning what you expect from it. A lot of patience is needed when training any dog, including a Bohemian Shepherd.

A dog that does not see its owner as an authority figure will rule the house, not you. Training your dog will be for nothing if you let them do whatever they want as there is no respect or listening to what you say.

Bohemian Shepherds are highly intelligent and learn quick. The amount of time it takes to teach a dog obedience depends on how much you want to do it.

Once the dog obeys all commands, training your dog is complete.

Most owners do not have time to devote to training a dog, so they teach the “come” command first, then the “sit,” then the “down,” etc.

Bohemian Shepherds are energetic dogs that love to work. They can do well in many different jobs and sports. They do not fall under the working group so cannot compete in any dog show, but individuals of the breed can participate in other dog sports like flyball and agility trials.

How Much Exercise Does A Bohemian Shepherd Need?

Bohemian Shepherds are highly energetic and need at least 60 minutes of exercise a day. The amount of exercise your dog needs will depend on how energetic the dog is. If your dog is not getting any exercise, it will become destructive and hyperactive.

For a healthy, well-behaved dog, take your dog to a park or forest to play with other dogs as well as run freely around the field/forest.

Are Bohemian Shepherds Rare?

Bohemian Shepherds are rare in the United States. The breed is most popular in the Czech Republic and other areas in Europe.

The Bohemian Shepherd is a very healthy breed that does not suffer from many health problems; however, some can develop hip dysplasia or eye problems, such as PRA and cataracts.

CEA is also a health concern for Bohems, which is a genetic disorder that occurs due to faulty genes passed onto the dog at birth resulting in tumors forming on internal organs, particularly the liver and pancreas.

How Much Should A Bohemian Shepherd Eat?

Bohemian Shepherds have a high metabolism because they are extremely active. They need a high amount of energy to keep their body going.

The amount of food you should feed your dog will depend on the dog’s age, weight, exercise, metabolism rate and level of activity. Bohemian Shepherds need to eat about 2 cups of high-quality dry food a day.

The amount of food you should give your dog depends on how active it is. If your dog is not getting any exercise, then do not feed it as much.

Where Can I Get A Bohemian Shepherd?

There are many different kinds of Bohemian Shepherds from various countries, but the most common one is the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized Long-coat variety. Other kinds can be found in Canada and Australia.

In the United States there are two different varieties: the Standard or Longhaired variety and the Standard or Wirehaired variety. The Long-coated variety is also recognized by the AKC.

Is A Bohemian Shepherd A German Shepherd?

No, the Bohemian Shepherd is a different breed. The German Shepherd and the Bohemian Shepherd are often confused as they look similar and have similar characteristics.

The main difference is that the German Shepherd was bred to herd and guard while the Bohemian Shepherd was bred to herd, guard and protect flocks of sheep from predators.

Part of what makes the German Shepherd so popular is its history as a military dog during World War I and II. However, they are still quite popular as pets today.

The popularity of the German shepherd depends on their tasks, which is why there are many different kinds of German Shepherds.

Despite these similarities, the Bohemian Shepherd and the German Shepherd come from different sources in Germany and Czechoslovakia. The purebred versions of both breeds have been developed over time through selective breeding to add diversity to their traits.


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