How Should I Take Care Of My American Brittany Spaniel?

Do Brittany Spaniels Run Away?

Your Brittany may be attempting to escape because he is bored or lonely if: He is left alone for extended periods of time without opportunity to interact with you. His environment is largely devoid of playmates and toys.

He is a young dog or adolescent (less than three years old) with no alternative outlets for his energy. You need to carve out a little time each day to play with, exercise and train your dog. This will keep him happy, healthy and busy.

What Should I Use To Clean My American Brittany Spaniel’s Ears?

The American Brittany Spaniel has floppy ears, so you want to make sure that you clean his ears on a regular basis. You should be cleaning your dog’s ears at least once a week, but more if your dog spends time in muddy areas or has been swimming in lakes or rivers.

Brush the outer layers of the dog’s ears with a soft bristle brush. Pay close attention to the inner ear and remove any wax. Also, wipe any excess oil that your dog may have been concealing in his ear out with a cotton ball moistened with warm water and some ear-cleaning solution.

If you do not clean your dog’s ears often enough, they can become dirty, causing infections to develop in them. This can be very dangerous and will cause permanent hearing loss in severe cases.

What Kind Of Dog Food Should I Give To My American Brittany Spaniel?

You should check the label of your dog food to ensure is it right for your Brittany’s age. For a puppy you should be looking at a high quality puppy kibbles with a decent amount of protein.

You may also want to look into finding some treats that are made just for puppies so you can get the nutrients your pup needs. Additionally, your puppy may be transitioning to adult food products.

A dog should have a vegetarian diet (containing no meat, poultry or fish) at all stages of its life.

If your dog is underweight, try adding additional supplements to his diet in the form of chicken broth or canned pumpkin. Mix these into your dogs food. Also, you can make an “energy” biscuit with cereal and milk and use it as a supplement when needed.

It should be easy to digest and not cause any stomach upset. As your dog becomes older and more active you can use a product called “Senior” that is formulated just for dogs in their senior years.

What Should I Give My American Brittany Spaniel As Treats?

You should have a variety of treats available to your dog. Take into consideration the size of your dog when deciding what treats you should give him or her. You don’t want to give a bone from a cow, for example, to a small breed puppy.

If your dog is not interested in treats when you want him to perform some action, try soaking the treat in warm water for about 5-10 minutes before giving it to your dog.

Then, you can use the treat to lure your dog into doing what you want. If the treat is a bone type treat, then cut it in half and make sure you remove any meat from the bone that you give to your dog.

Alternatively, if your dog has a favorite food, you can use that as a treat with positive reinforcement training instead of using store bought treats. Some dogs thrive on positive reinforcement so much more than treats and will respond better when trained this way.

What Training Equipment Do I Need To Train My American Brittany Spaniel?

You will need to have some training equipment to help your dog learn his basic commands. You will want a clicker, or you can use a “click-toy.” The clicker is basically a small hand gun shaped object that makes a clicking noise when pressed.

When you are training your dog with this tool, you can use it for each correct behavior your dog does and give him a treat immediately afterwards. The clicker is often used as a reward in positive reinforcement training.

The clicker is also a form of positive reinforcement training because it can be used for both training and rewards.Be sure to have your dog sit, lie down, and stay before you practice obedience exercises with him.

How Can I Play With My American Brittany Spaniel?

Brittanys are very energetic dogs so you can use that energy to train your dog or just have fun playing around with him. One of the most fun things to do with your dog is to take her to a dog park.

If you do not have access to a dog park, there are other ways you can have fun with your dog. For example, you can play fetch with her by throwing a ball or Frisbee for her to retrieve. You could also teach your Brittany how to play hide and seek. This will keep you active and entertained as well as keep your Brittany mentally stimulated and physically fit.

You could also play games with your dog such as frisbee throwing games or toss a stick. You could even teach him how to fetch or how to roll a ball on the ground. There are many toys and games that are great for your American Brittany Spaniel and they can all keep her active and mentally stimulated.

What Kind Of Dog Is My American Brittany Spaniel?

The American Brittany Spaniel is an intelligent breed that enjoys learning new tricks and commands. This dog also thrives when it is with other dogs or people.

Brittanys are very energetic and full of life, which makes them great companions for people that are active on a regular basis.

This breed of dog was first bred to retrieve birds in the field and hunt them, making them great companions for hunters. They can be taught to hunt on the ground or even through the water. He can keep up with most people and will often become protective if he feels you are in danger.

Brittanys are good guard and hunting dogs, but they are not typically trained to be aggressive. Still, these dogs can easily be taught to become protective of their family.

How Should I Brush My American Brittany Spaniel?

You should brush and massage your dog’s hair often with a detangling tool, such as a slicker brush, or soft bristle brush, just like you would do with a cat or other household pets.

Brittanys have a double coat that enables them to keep warm during the winter. This double coat means they will shed their hair, or part of it, much more often than dogs with single coats.

Brittanys can also be prone to skin allergies so it is important you brush their hair frequently and check for any ticks or fleas that are on your dog. If you notice any ticks or fleas, you should use an insect repellant product to remove them from your dog’s coat.

Brittanys have a very thick coat so you will need to brush them often in order to remove the dead hair.

How Should I Take Care Of My American Brittany Spaniel?

Brittanys are medium sized dogs with short hair, which makes them very easy to groom. You should brush and comb your dog’s hair regularly in order to remove any tangles or mats. If you do find any mats, you can cut them out using a mat splitter or a pair of scissors.

Brittany dogs do shed, so you will have to regularly brush your dog’s hair and bathe him as well. You may want to use a rubber grooming mitt on his coat to help you remove the dead hair.

Brittanys are prone to certain health issues, such as hip dysplasia, skin allergies and cataracts. You should take your dog for checkups at least once a year in order to minimize their chances of developing any of these conditions.

Brittanys can fall victim to ear diseases as well so it is important you periodically clean out your dog’s ears. You should trim your dog’s nails every few weeks to prevent him from bleeding or getting painful calluses.

Most American Brittany spaniels are medium sized dogs and will not have many issues with obesity. However, some Brittanys are prone to gaining a little muscle mass, which can make them appear larger than they actually are. In order to maintain the ideal weight for your dog, you should clip his nails regularly.

In terms of food and supplies, you should only buy premium pet food for your American Brittany Spaniel. The reason for this is because the cheaper foods tend to make your dog’s coat greasy and cause skin allergies.

Brittanys are medium sized dogs with a double coat, which means they will shed their hair more often than dogs with a single coat.

This means you will definitely have to vacuum your home more often than other dogs. These dogs also shed after they get warm, which means you will need to regularly groom them as well.

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