Why do cats sit in the window

Why do cats sit in the window?

Why Do Cats Sit in The Window?

Cats often sit in windows in order to keep an eye out for things. Cats are very territorial creatures and want to know what is happening inside their territory. This is especially true if you have a cat that enjoys stalking your neighbors.

Cats will often sit in the window until they are sure nothing interesting is happening in their territory. It is believed that cats may be able to see at least three miles away. This means if you have a cat who sits in your window and sees some deer crossing the yard, he or she may decide to check it out.

If they see something interesting, he or she can come back and let you know. They will give you a quick glance to let you know they found something interesting and then they will just walk out the door.

This means that whatever part of the house is in view of your window, he or she will see as part of their territory. If your cat sees that the neighbor has a dog, he or she may decide to check on the dog. If you have a dog in your yard, the cat may try to take it out.

When you are looking for a cat, it is important to consider how much room he or she will need. If you are looking for a cat that will sit in the window to keep an eye on things, then you should look for a larger breed of cat.

A large breed of cat will be more likely to enjoy sitting in the window than something like a dwarf breed of cat. In order to make sure that your cat stays in one room, you may have to set up several smaller windows.

Cats seem much more interested in their immediate physical surroundings than in humans or animals outside. Thus, cats might be sitting in front of windows because they can see their prey through them or because they think they are a convenient resting place for them – we may never know for sure.

Another simple reason is to catch a bird! No matter what time it is, there’s always something happening outside that your kitty wants to watch–especially when birds are out hunting for food on tree branches just below your windowsill.

Cats are independent animals who like doing what they please (or at least making us think they do). They’re also curious about everything going on outside, which makes sense considering most pet owners let them roam freely throughout their house – including rooms near windows.

In addition, cats may be drawn to sit at windows because they see themselves reflected there or it provides some sort of stimulation like birds flying past or shadows moving around on the windowpane.

Cat in the window: see accessories and products that make the pussy experience safer and more comfortable

Anyone with a cat at home knows well that these animals love staying high! Windows are practically the favorite places in the house for kittens. From there, they can see the movement of the street without losing anything that happens inside the house.

This habit of the pussy is more pleasant and safe; nothing better than personalizing this space so that it becomes even more “catty.” We have put together a series of accessories and products to make the window cat experience even better. Check out!

The cat safety net is an essential safety accessory

Why do cats sit in the window


The cat at the window needs to be safe. The safety net for the windows is crucial for your cat’s safety. Even with the reputation of having an excellent balance, it is necessary to protect the windows, whether in houses or apartments, to prevent accidents and even leakage.

Even if there is no risk of the animal falling and getting hurt, other dangers can be avoided with the safety net. It prevents the cat from accessing the street – a place with a danger of being run over, poisoning, fights with other animals, and many diseases.

Sunscreen for cats prevents skin cancer

Why do cats sit in the window

Cats love to sunbathe. Contact of sunlight is good for the health and well-being of the pussies and helps in the production of vitamin D, which strengthens the bones and improves the absorption of calcium. In addition to all this, sunlight also helps in preventing diseases such as rickets.

But as everything in life in excess can cause problems, so can excessive exposure to the sun. The use of sunscreen for cats prevents skin cancer and will keep the animal protected. In a tropical, the indication is that cats’ access to these places is restricted at times of the very high temperature and peak sun incidence.

Hanging bed for cats: the perfect nap in the sun

Why do cats sit in the window

If your cat loves to stay by the window, how about installing a cat bed suspended on the spot so that he can enjoy it even more? The accessory, which looks more like a hammock, allows the animal to be more comfortable and better use naps near the window.

Some models are fixed to the window glass with suction cups, while others use more resistant cables supported on the metallic structure. For the feline’s safety, check the capacity of the chosen model before installation. This care helps to avoid accidents, especially with those pets that are overweight.

In addition it is necessary to check that the window bed for the cat is well fixed. If you are a creative person and like to make gifts for your pet, this is a good opportunity to learn how to make the suspended bed for cats.

Cat scratcher with floors facilitates climbing to the window

Why do cats sit in the window

Not every cat has the ability to jump and reach the highest places in the house. The explanation for this is behavioral: while some cats love to stay high and dominate climbing, others are more fearful and prefer to stay in lower places, the so-called horizontal or bush cats.

A good option to help you climb your pussy to the window is to place a scraper with floors close to the location. In addition to promoting fun and interaction along the way, the object makes the climb easier for the most fearful kittens.


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