How Much Are Otterhound Puppies?

How Much Are Otterhound Puppies?

Otterhound puppies are difficult to find and highly expensive due to the breed’s scarcity. A puppy from a breeder should cost between $1,500 and $3,000.

The price can reach up to $4,000 if the puppy is from a well-known breeder, like the one owned by Albert Ets and owned by the Otterhound Club of America. The Price depends on the location and how much information you want to know about the puppy.

Where Can I Buy An Otterhound?

You can buy an Otterhound from a reputable Otterhound breeder through sites like, but it will be difficult because there are not many of them. You should contact a club like the National Hound Association to get the names of some breeders who have Otterhounds for sale.

Otterhound puppies are sometimes hard to find, but there are a few ways you can find one. You can use an online dog broker that offers Otterhound puppies at a discounted price. You can also go to specific websites and search for Otterhound puppies from individuals or from professional breeders.

Make sure to do your research first before purchasing an Otterhound puppy as it is very important to know about the dog’s temperament, health, and upbringing.

How Many Puppies Can a Otterhound Have?

Otterhounds can have about 2 to 14 puppies after a gestation period of about ten to eleven weeks. This period also requires the mother dog be in perfect health. The puppies tend to be born within a span of few hours; the youngest pup usually dies or is killed by the mother dog, even when all pups are healthy and strong.

The Otterhound is a large breed that comes from Otter hunting history in England. In the 1800s, Otterhounds were used to hunt otters in packs. The practice was done in the winter when the water level is low and otters are more likely to be on land.

The Otterhound developed in England around the 19th century and was used primarily to hunt otters. A pack of hounds would corner an otter into a hole which they would then dig out and kill it with their paws or teeth.

Do Otterhound Dogs Shed?

The shaggy coat of the Otterhound sheds, and brushing it roughly once a week will avoid mats. Brushing it daily or at least every other day is recommended to maintain the coat’s appearance and prevent skin diseases.

Some Otterhounds have softer coats that require brushing at least two to three times a week to prevent mats. To avoid having your dog’s coat become matted, brush them at least twice a week using a brush designed for dogs.

If you want to prevent mats and skin diseases, brush your dog’s coat along with the hair on its legs and under the armpits at least twice a week. You can also use an oil based shampoo to clean it and maintain its shine in between weekly brushing sessions.

The Otterhound sheds quite frequently, but there is no need to brush them every few days because it can lead to skin problems or matting of their fur.

When the fur is long enough, shave them with clippers and then brush them with a soft bristle brush. Make sure to use a dog shampoo designed for otterhounds, as it will be hard to brush the raised hair out.

Regular grooming of your dog will help prevent things such as skin ailments, matting of the coat, and prolonged shedding that can lead to skin conditions.

Are Otterhound Dogs Friendly?

The Otterhound is a “big friendly dog with a mind of his own.” The American Kennel Club describes the breed as one of the most intelligent dogs in existence, and they are known for their hunting skills and great instincts.

They are highly independent with good instincts, and they love the company of their owner. They are also highly loyal, and they can be destructive if left alone for too long.

The Otterhound is not an aggressive dog but his strong hunting instinct allows him to have a loose leash and trust his instincts when in close quarters with a person or other animals such as cats and small dogs.

Are Otterhound Dogs Intelligent?

Otterhounds are intelligent, affectionate, and always happy. They make the perfect family dog.Some Otterhounds are very intelligent, but they are also stubborn and independent.

They are known to be a dog that has a mind of its own, and it is best to train them using positive reinforcement techniques because an aggressive approach will not work.

They can be difficult to train at times, but they are highly loyal dogs once they learn the commands and start following them. Make sure you use the right training methods when training your dog to avoid having it become disobedient.

Otterhounds are intelligent and very easy to train. Otterhounds learn faster when they are rewarded with treats or praise, which is why it is recommended you train them using positive reinforcement techniques when training them.

They can be stubborn at times, but they are one of the most intelligent dogs in existence. They love the company of their owner and will stick to him or her even after the owner leaves home.

Otterhounds are playful and energetic dogs that need constant exercise. They like to play with a ball or a toy but there is no need to use any expensive balls that can break because they can be bought in any pet store.


What Does An Otterhound Look Like?

The Otterhound has a distinctively shaggy look that makes it a good water dog. Their coat is medium length, with a tendency to curl at the neck, tail and on their feet. It has a dense, fine undercoat and a long, straight guard coat.

The Otterhound is a large breed with webbed feet that makes it perfect for swimming in the water. Due to their wolfish appearance, Otterhounds are often used in movies to depict wolves.

The Otterhound tends to resemble a wolf when they are young but they tend to lose their wolfish looks as they age.

Their coat is made of thick, short guard hairs that is thicker than their undercoat. It has a dense woolly undercoat that stands parallel to the ground and a dense, straight guard coat which stands vertically when stretched out.

The hair on its head is never as soft as that on its legs and face, but it does have a tendency to grow longer on its front side.

Their ears are long and folded. They have a rounded nose and a broad forehead. The tail is long tail is set high, thicker at the base and tapering to a point. Their eyes are big and round, and set far apart from each other.

Otterhounds come in various colors such as black & tan (can be a light gray and blonde with a “saddle”), wheaten/blonde, red grizzle, liver & tan (can vary from medium dark. The most popular colors among Otterhounds are white, brown or black ones.

Where Does The Otterhound Come From?

Otterhounds were bred in England during the 19th century to hunt otters. Their strong sense of smell makes them ideal for tracking down prey.

They have a dense undercoat that acts as insulation when they swim in cold water, which makes it ideally suited for hunting in marshes or lakes that are close to the sea or river.

Otterhounds are loyal, affectionate, and extremely playful. They love to swim, but they must stay on their owner’s schedule and not the other way around.

Otterhound dogs were bred to hunt otters and are therefore strong swimmers. They often have a thick coat, which makes them suitably waterproof and insulate against the cold water that they wade through at times when hunting for prey.

How Big Does a Otterhound Grow?

Otterhounds have enormous bodies to match their large personality. Male otterhounds can reach up to 115 pounds, while females average around 80 pounds. They stand 24-27 inches tall and have big shoulders and chests that are ideal for swimming.

The Otterhound’s paws are wide and have thick, webbed toes. Otterhounds are often called the “gentle giant” because of their large size. Otterhounds are known to be very active and playful dogs that can make it difficult for people to take care of them, but they also have a loving personality.

Otterhounds are one of the largest breeds of dogs in the world, so you need to be ready for the commitment. They have a high energy level, which can make it difficult for their owners to take care of them because they don’t tire easily.

Otterhounds are an easy breed to train but you need to be persistent and consistent because they tend to lose interest quickly. They require frequent walks, which is why it is recommended that you get your Otterhound a good pair of boots because Otterhounds tend to get very muddy and hot when playing or running.

How Much Is An Otterhound Puppy Uk?

According to Pets at Home research, the typical Otterhound in the UK currently costs £1,875 – more than double the average price in 2019. Some breeds will cost you roughly £3,000 on average.

Here are the top ten most expensive dog breeds in the United Kingdom. The price depends on the coat and colour, so there is no guarantee that you’ll pay a fixed price when buying your Otterhound.

Otterhounds are one of the most expensive breeds of dogs to purchase, but they are also the most intelligent and obedient. The more you train them, the better they will be at following your commands.

They should not be allowed to grow up without proper training because like all other dogs, they can easily become disobedient if they don’t receive enough training in life.

Otterhounds are very playful, energetic and boisterous dogs so you need to have a lot of patience and a lot of time on your hands if you want to train them. They will become very loyal to the person who takes care of them, because they are pack animals.


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