How to prevent cats from eating plants

Best way on How to prevent cats from eating plants

How to prevent cats from eating plants

Where do cats’ obsession with destroying our green plants come from? And above all, how to protect yourself from it? We tell you everything so that your cat knows -finally- coexist with your indoor plants.

Why do cats go after our green plants?

How many of us have given up on green plants because of our tomcat? It’s stronger than him! He climbs into the pot to scrape the earth and, in passing, ventilate it throughout the living room. He chews the leaves, scratches them, even if it means dropping the plant. In short, it’s a nightmare. Because of this behavior, you may have also given up on the Christmas tree. So, how do you live with a cat and a plant? Discover our tips here

Basic solutions to protect your green plants from your cat

Your cat, especially when the seasons change, needs to purge itself. That’s why the cat starts to chew on your green plant to regurgitate it a few inches away. To save your plant and carpet, buy catnip for your tomcat. Easy to grow on a simple cup, it can also be decorative, especially since this plant is not toxic for him!

When he’s not sleeping, your cat needs to play. If his environment does not lend itself to it, you can count on his imagination to have fun. Like ravaging your green plant! Invest in a scratching post, improvise a cat tree, a hiding place, or prepare small toys for him to divert his attention from the green plant while keeping him awake.

Your cat can also be stressed (newcomer, moving) and pass his nerves on your indoor plants. Follow our advice to overcome his temporary stress and make him listen to music. Double bonus: music relaxes cats and helps plants to grow.

Emergency solutions to prevent your cat from damaging your houseplants

Tease, your cat taunts you and attacks your plants in front of your eyes? Test the water spray method. Buy a spray bottle, or reuse an old one on condition of being perfectly cleaned and, at the time of the feline’s attack, come to the aid of your green plant with a well-aimed spray. With both noise and contact with water, your cat hates it and scampers away for a long time. At the next attack, all you have to do is show him the vaporizer to change his mind.

There are chemical repellents on the market that will keep your cat away from your flowerpot. But the smell can bother you too. You can also place a few drops of essential oils of lemongrass or peppermint on the jar. Your cat hates it, so do aphids. Or spread the chili over the ground. A somewhat brutal method, but devilishly effective.

If despite setting up a scratching post, your cat continues to scratch the soil from your plants, you can still cover the soil with pine cones, pebbles or seashells. Or protect the soil with a large piece of felt cut to the size of the pot, or rabbit wire mesh.

Be careful; some houseplants are toxic to cats

They are well-known, easy-going, and very widespread. These houseplants are, however, very toxic to your cat. Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of plants to avoid when living with a cat: ficus, philodendron, azalea, lilies, daffodil, dieffenbachia, rhododendron, poinsettia or, solanum.

How to keep cats away from houseplants

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