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Which cat breed is best for me | 10 Perfect Types of Cat Breeds to Have

Which cat breed is best for me | 10 Perfect Types of Cat Breeds to Have

What is a Cat? (Felis Catus)

The cat is also called Felis catus, is a domestic species of tiny carnivorous animals. It is the only domesticated species in the family Felidae and is often referred to as the domestic cat to distinguish it from the wild members of the car family.

Companion cats, together with some examples of the impact they may have on your relationship with your cat.

These breeds of cats are docile, tender, and very playful so that without any problem, they can live with children and even dogs.

When deciding to have a pet, most discard cats because people think that they are very “lazy” animals or difficult to keep at home, and yes, there are kittens like this, but there are also some breeds of cats who love to be home.

Surely your neighbor’s cat has gone to visit your patio, or you see it prowling around, but not all of them are like that, some kittens do not like to be away from their territory and who prefer to be at home, surrounded by yours and under cover of a safe place.

Not all cats are “sullen”, super independent, or disobedient, rather they are territorial, so they tend to be quite affectionate with those they know, especially if they have been educated since kittens.

These cats are curious and intelligent, and they are also usually sociable, although it will cost you to gain their trust, as it happens with any pet.

Which cat breed is best for me; Best Types of Cat Breeds to Have at Home

Maine coon

Types of Cat Breeds

It is a large domestic cat, but it has a good character. It loves being at home and loves its owner, so it will follow you wherever you go. Plus, she loves to be petted.

American short hair

It is an intelligent kitten that can easily live surrounded by people. He is docile and can live with children and even dogs at home, as long as he knows them well and feels safe among them.


This cat is a cross between the Siamese and the Burmese. He is affectionate and does not like to be alone. It has a lot of energy and should be entertained, so ideally you should have a garden or patio at home where it could play.


They are adaptable and very homemade cats. They are generally calm, but also very playful. They live without a problem with any member of the house.

Siberian Cat

They are very playful cats that have no problem interacting with other humans or animals. They are intelligent and learn quickly, but they need stimulation and training as if it were a puppy.

Norwegian forest

It is a large and muscular cat, but very noble and sweet. She has a protective instinct, and although she loves her family, she likes to be independent.

Japanese bobtail

It is one of the best races to have at home, especially if you have children. Her temperament is calm and docile. He likes to be around his family, so you don’t have to worry about him leaving home and getting lost.


They are docile, friendly, and not very adventurous. They are perfect for families with children or who already have a dog as a pet.


It is one of the most sociable cat breeds, so they can easily get along with a dog. They are homey, fun, and very playful.


They are playful and very loving. They love living with children, and some develop a bond of attachment with their owner, to such a degree that they are able to wait for them at the door and burst with joy when they see them arrive.  

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