Why do my dog not like going out in the rain

Your Dog panting during thunderstorm? How to calm a dog scared of thunder

Is your Dog panting during a thunderstorm? How to calm a dog scared of thunder

How to calm a dog scared of thunder

Seeing a dog in fear of thunder is not an uncommon situation. As they have a very sharp hearing, it is natural that a very loud noise like that of thunder ends up causing some discomfort for dogs.

Wrong! It is not exactly the volume of the noise that frightens a fearful dog, but the danger and threat that the sound represents.

This fear can present itself at different levels and even impact all the dog’s behavior at these times. So it is important to find a way on how to calm a dog for fear of thunder and help him understand that there is no danger.

Dog scared of thunder shaking.

What happens to a dog afraid of rain and thunder?

The phobia that animals feel because of rain and thunder can present itself in different degrees. While some dogs experience mild fear, other dogs may experience much greater discomfort.

In addition to the frightening noise, which in dogs’ heads represents some kind of danger, the situation is usually accompanied by a traumatic experience for the animals. This is common, especially in abandoned dogs that have been rescued and adopted, since life on the streets is not easy, especially on stormy days.

Another factor that can also contribute to a dog that is afraid of thunder is if he has had contact with another dog (or even a person) who was also frightened by this noise.

Some studies indicate that human stress can be reflected in the dog. In the case of rain, dogs can relate the sound of thunder to something negative if they notice any impact on their guardians’ behavior.

Dog afraid of thunder often gets impatient or hides

Dog Storm Anxiety Symptoms

It is not difficult to notice when you have a dog afraid of thunder. Animals can demonstrate this in several ways:

  • Tireless barking,
  • Scratching on the window/door,
  • Body shaking
  • Hiding under the bed or sofa.

In some cases, the dog may become so desperate that he runs away in an attempt to protect himself. At these times, the dog can also behave destructively, especially if alone, to leave the house. Therefore, the tutor needs to close the house’s doors and gates very tightly to avoid possible dog escapes!

Your Dog panting during thunderstorm

How to calm a dog scared of thunder

Tips to calm a dog for fear of thunder!

1) Ensure a safe place for your friend on rainy days

First of all, it is important that your friend feels safe at that moment. Therefore, the ideal is to find a space in the house that he can use when it rains. It could be his own bed, for example, with a nice little blanket and toys that are his preference. So, when the storm starts, the fearful dog will go straight to his corner to feel better!

2) Train your puppy to lose his fear with rain and thunder background music

A good way to help a dog with a fear of thunder to overcome this is to train the pet little by little to get used to the noise. Stop trying; it’s very simple: just search for songs with sounds of rain and thunder in the background on YouTube and show them to your pet.

If he starts to get very upset, just pause for a while and repeat the whole process until he realizes there is no danger. Over time, it will end up letting go of the fear of thunder.

3) Interact with your friend at these times with games and other distractions

Distraction is a great way to calm a dog! Have that little toy that your friend likes so much, or prepare a snack to pamper him.

Even the interactive toys are good tips because they demand more attention from the dog, like the famous balls that keep food inside, and the animal needs to learn how to release it. It is important to divert his attention from the noise and not associate the rain with something negative.

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