What language do dogs understand best

What language do dogs understand best? | Do dogs understand human emotions?

What language do dogs understand best? | Do dogs understand human emotions?

Do dogs really understand what we say?

This is a very common question when we have a puppy. Although animals do not have the same cognitive abilities as human beings, it is possible to say that yes, the dog understands what we are talking about.

It is not mere speculation: research conducted by the Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary found that dogs can identify some words that are said to them. The study was based on the behavior of 13 dogs of the Border Collie, Golden Retriever, Chinese Crested Dog, and German Shepherd breeds.

During the experiment, the animals were observed by a brain imaging device while their tutors said a few sentences to them. Although intonation strongly influences dogs’ perception of communication, the research found that they could recognize specific words (such as commands, for example ) processed by the left brain. The words that they don’t recognize are totally unnoticed.

Do dogs understand human emotions?

Do dogs understand human emotions? This question has been debated for centuries. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different perspectives on dog intelligence and whether or not they can relate to our emotions.

What language do dogs understand best

Dogs are known to be sensitive animals, but it is not clear how much they understand about human emotions. A recent study by a team of researchers from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom explored this question.

The investigation found that dogs responded differently to different human facial expressions and body postures. The findings suggest that dogs can distinguish between fear and happiness on humans’ faces, as well as when their owner was standing or sitting and whether their owner was looking at them or away from them.

Do dogs understand the tone of voice?

In addition to words, the dog understands what we also say by the tone of our voice. Dogs interpret human communication also by the tone of voice. Thus, dog behavior varies according to what is being said and the intonation of the words. The same research has shown that it is with the combination of these two factors that dogs can interpret our language.

Words repeated several times with a positive intonation are associated with a good thing. In contrast, if those same words were repeated with a negative intonation, the dog would start to assimilate it as something bad. So, in addition to simply evoking words for your four-legged friend, remember to complement it with an appropriate intonation for the situation and learn to decipher the canine language to find out if your puppy has managed to receive the message.

Dog language: How do dogs communicate with humans

  • Movement of the ears: that’s right! The dog’s ear can say more than you think. If it is standing, moving, relaxed, all this is a way of expressing canine language. So it is important to know very well what each movement means.
  • Tail movement: Like the ears, the dog’s tail also plays an important role in the animal’s communication. When the tail is erect and at the height of the animal’s body, for example, it is a sign that the dog is adopting a more aggressive behavior. If the tail is moving slowly downwards or just standing still, it is because it is relaxed.
  • Barking and other sounds: there are different types of barking, and each has a different meaning. Sometimes your four-legged friend is very happy and just wants to say hello. In other cases, he is feeling threatened and wants to “fight” with someone (probably with another dog). It can also indicate hunger, lack, warning sign, stress, or some physical discomfort.
  • Dog’s body posture: there is no point in looking at all the canine body language movements without taking into account the posture of your four-legged friend. Therefore, when trying to understand the canine language better, it is very important to read the complete set, including the posture, to know what your puppy means!

What language do dogs understand best

There are many opinions on what language dogs understand best. There have been studies done that show that dogs can understand English, German, French, and even Spanish.

The latest study done by the University of Vienna found out that dogs understood English the best when it came to communicating with humans. The test was conducted with 15 different dog breeds in Austria, and they were given various commands in different languages to see which would be the most successful for them to follow through with.

The results showed that the majority of these animals responded better when they heard or saw a command in English than any other language.

This could be due to how easy this language is for them. It relies heavily on body gestures and physical contact rather than complicated grammar structures like some other languages.

In recent years, more and more people have realized that dogs are not just man’s best friend. They’re also an important part of the family.

As such, many families want to communicate with their dog in whatever language they understand best – which is usually English, German, French, and even Spanish.


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